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Examples of Success

Listed below are just a few examples of treatment success with different diagnosis and symptoms.  These are examples of how skilled "listening" into the body coupled with precise treatment allows for the facilitation of self correction and healing. 

Ultra marathon runner with disabling hip pain

 A competitive athlete, was refereed to Athena Manual PT due to 3 month history of disabling right hip pain, which prevented pain free walking and eliminated running.   He had received 2 months of chiropractic care and was able to walk without crutches but unable to run without pain.  Fascial "listening" reveled restrictions at right collar bone area.  Initial treatment resolved old restrictions at the right subclavian artery and pleural ligaments associated with a clavicular fracture 5 years prior.  The patient was then able to run pain free, short distances of 3 to 5 miles.  Second and third visits resolved restrictions at upper cervical spine associated with compression of the

vertebral artery and vascular fascia of the neck.

Fifth visit, the body's primary facial tension was located at the facial structure.  The patient was further questioned regarding history of facial trauma at which time he remembered falling face first in a mountain bike accident, breaking the two front teeth.  Facial restriction at level of maxillary bones, vasculature of the palate and teeth and trigeminal nerve were released and the patient was able to resume long distance competitive running pain free.

Post concussion syndrome resolution in collegiate athlete 

A 20 year old collegiate athlete, with

concussion history and recent concussion

with daily headache, difficulty thinking and

focusing, was refed for manual therapy. 

Primary fascial restrictions were identified

at the level of the upper and middle cervical

sympathetic ganglion and its associated

vasculature and associated organs. 

Sympathetic chain releases

performed as well as organ specific fascial manipulation.  After 5 visits the patient was  then able to

pass all concussion protocol tests, which

she had been failing for the prior 4 months.

She was able to resume her college

course work without headache or difficulty

with concentration.

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4 years of TMJ pain resolved

25 year old graduate student referred for manual therapy with chronic TMJ pain and headaches, made worse by stress of graduate school.   Patient's range of motion of both the jaw and neck were decreased both actively and passively. The patient had received interventions from chiropractor and myofascial specialist in the past with minimal relief.  Facial "listening" in

standing and sitting revealed significant tensions in the suprahyoid musculature.  Laying down, patient had restrictions in  cranial sutures and membranes.

Tissue specific releases were performed and the patient received instructions on how to stretch and release jaw muscles as well as instructions with  stability exercises for the  neck.  The patient had 70% reduction in symptoms in 1 visit and was pain and symptom free within 4 visits.  Patient reported no longer clenching jaw in her sleep.

Chronic neck and shoulder pain resolved.

A man in his 60s with significant pain radiating into his right shoulder blade and upper trapezius.  He stated he played rugby in college and had fractured his right eye socket and check bone several times.  Cranial "listening" revealed tension into the craniofacial sutures of the temporal, zygomatic, maxillary and frontal bones on the right.  Associated Trigeminal nerves and vasculature were released.  After one session the patient was symptom free for one week.  Two subsequent sessions resolved his symptoms for several months and he was able to maintain the correction with lingual and eye muscle exercises.

Chronic Vertigo

Patient was referred to physical therapy due to intermittent chronic vertigo since the age of 16.  She also suffered from significant food allergies and acid reflux.  Patient had ENG test reveling significant hypofunction of her right Cochlear nerve.  Visually, patient had significant lymphatic congestion in her anterior neck.  Release of superficial fascia and thoracic inlet alleviated congestion.  Manual release to facia associated with esophagus and pharynx alleviated vertigo.  Patient remained vertigo free until she consumed foods associated with food allergies and historically foods that gave her acid reflux.  Pt was advised to have head of bed elevated 6 to 8 inches to limit acid reflux.  Avoidance of food triggers and head of bed elevation kept the patient symptom free.

Meniere's Disease Symptom Relief

A 65 year old woman with a 10 year history of Meniere's disease and intermittent symptoms developed benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)  and came for Eply Maneuver. 

Once BPPV was resolved treatment focused on facial restrictions in patients nasopharynx

and oropharynx that may have resulted

from tonsillar resection at a young age and

chronic reflux disease.

Patient had significant reduction in the

severity and frequency of her episodes of Meniere's symptoms and was able to come in every 3 to 4 months for maintenance

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